Dee Why Beach – Photography Location Guide

Dee Why Beach – Photography Location Guide

Difficulty rating: Easy 

Time of Day:  Best for Sunrise, great all day for surfing shoots. Sunset can be great shooting back to the shops from the pool area. There is also a lagoon behind the surf club that is a good spot for sunset 

Parking/ Getting there. Once at the beach you will find lots of parking. I normal park up near the park on Oaks Ave most of it Free or timed for 2hrs  The Beach has a stormwater drain that you can shoot from at high tide and a lot of rocks in the corner, they are blocked by the pool and the Dee Why Point rocks. There are 2 pools they don’t really provide much interest but there is a rock pool at the end of the main pool that you can get some really good reflection on/ There is a channel on the side of the big pool that you can get some good water flow. This is also a good spot to shot the surfers from if the swell is big enough. Then there is the rock shelf it as so many options. There is a foot high straight wall the spits 2 rocks pools and leads towards the ocean when the swell is big enough you can capture the waves exploding at the end. Then there are a few little channels in the rocks that provide good leading lines and flow over the rocks. My favourite spots are right in the far corner you will see a set of rock stairs just past that there a few little potholes that are full of water provide great foreground interest 

 Dee Why Beach is very exposed to the southerly, the wind really blows right into the rock shelf bring with it swell. The rock shelf has spots that are covered in a black moss that when it’s wet is extremely slippery kind of like black ice. 


  1. Rock shoes with spikes in them if you plan on shooting on the rock shelf and close to the water’s edge.
  2. Tripod
  3. Filters – neutral density grads are essential to get that look you are after in the water
  4. The lens you can find a shot for any of the lens you have. I normally shoot at 24mm or 300mm for surfing shots
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