Snorkelling,Tenganan Village & a Bat Cave

Today we are heading off to do some snorkelling at Amok bay, Tenganan Village & a Bat Cave while taking in some of the Bali countrysides.We headed off to Padangbai to get a long tail boat around to Amok bay where we would go snorkelling. Padangbai serves as a ferry port for travel to Lembar on Lombok, The Gilis and other of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The water was super warm and we spent about an hour snorkelling around the water was a little cloudy but you could see the bottom that was about 10 -15 meters deep. There was heaps of fish a little smaller than your hand, you could see bigger ones down on the reef but they swam off if you tried to dive down to get a closer look.  Then I think there was a slight miss understanding due to the language barrier, we were dropped off for what I think was meant to be more snorkelling at the bloo lagoon which despite its name is a little rocky beach. There was a small swell that had stirred up the bottom so we couldn’t see much at all. I think the plan next was to wait on the beach for our guide to come back with the car and bring us all our stuff. The beach was crowded and as with all beaches in Bali, you have to pay for a beach chair and umbrella, it was also very dirty with rubbish strewn all along the beach, we just made our way to the top and waited a few minutes for a then guide to turn up!

Tenganan Village

It was then off to the  Tenganan Village, which is called “Bali Aga”. This village still holds true to  Bali origin, traditions and rules of ancient Balinese. The houses are designed and made the traditional way. The village people still follow the traditional religious views and live the ancient Balinese lifestyle of using every means to keep their lifestyle pure and clean. You have to be born in this village to live here also if you marry someone outside of the village you have to leave and you are not allowed to come back into the village to live.
This is one of only a few Villages in Bali that makes the ikat weaving this is a double ikat which both warp and the weft are dyed with a specific pattern prior to stringing on the loom this takes years to learn. One ikat takes about a year from start to finish this is also one of the only places you can buy one of these weavings and for about 2million rupiah you can! That is about $200 Australian.  We also got to see a man doing some traditional Balinese engraving on the leaves of the lontar which comes from a type of palm tree. These engravings are amazing there is so much fine detail in them!

Goa Lawah (Bat Cave) Temple

We then went off to the Goa Lawah (Bat Cave) Temple. Our Guide had warned us that as soon as he stops the car there may be hawkers trying to sell you stuff  and if they offer you a gift DO NOT take it as they then turn around and demand you pay a really high price for it, this didn’t happen until we come to leave and they stand between you and the door blocking you from getting into the car.  This temple is the 4th most sacred Hindu temple in Bali. The bat cave is filled with thousands of bats and some snakes or thou we didn’t see any snakes. The smell from the bat cave is very strong, in saying that it is still worth the visit if you are in the area!

Tomorrow is just a rest day we may go for a walk around Seminyak to do a bit of shopping…..oh joy!

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