Tim Matthews

Hi, my name is Tim Matthews and I am an Australian based landscape and travel photographer living in Sydney’s beautiful Northern beaches. I grew up in Dee Why a few blocks from the beach, Growing up the Northern Beaches  we are a little spoilt with so many beautiful beaches to photograph. Early on I was heavily it to photographing my mates surfing. Then life got in the way and after a few years I found myself getting back into photography and learning the digital side of things. After a trip in the North Island of New Zealand in 2012, I come back with some OK images but wanted to learn more so began the never-ending learning…. 

I love travelling and seeing the world and trying to capture what I see.  Finding beautiful landscapes, appealing to my creative, and producing images that give anyone the I want to go their urge, is what gets my trigger finger tingly. 

Whether its Surfing, natural or urban landscapes and aerial photography. Photography has made me appreciate my surroundings even more than before, especially landscape. Whether it’s discovering new or old places I always enjoy being out in Mother Nature.

My gear

I get asked a lot online and in person what gear i use so i thought i would just put it here and that would give me somewhere to point people to.. 

I’m not sponsored all my gear i have saved up for and payed for myself. 


Nikon D750 

Nikon D5200 



Nikon 18 – 55mm f3.5 – 5.6

Nikon 55mm – 300mm f3.5 – 5.6

Tamron 24- 70 f/2.8 

Nisi Filters 

I mainly use the Enhanced Landscape CPL, 0.9 GND, 6 stop &  10 stop ND filters


Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod with K-20x Ball Head


DJI Mavic Pro 

Polar pro Cinema Series filters 

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